Monday, July 7, 2014

I hope...

I hope something makes you laugh uncontrollably today.

I hope somebody makes you smile until your cheeks hurt.

I hope you feel incredibly beautiful and capable of accomplishing anything.

I hope you feel unstoppably happy and full of life.

I hope you begin to see what I see and I hope you don't stop believing.

So if by chance your smile begins to fade,

I hope you remember how much you deserve pure joy

And, if only for a moment,

I hope your spirit dances with excitement for the future.

~Rob Hill Sr.

All Photos by: Berlynn Photography

Paisley Sioux Top by Lenni the Label
White Denim Shorts by American Eagle 
Antalya Coin Collar Necklace from Child of Wild
Phoenix Concho Belt by lovestrength

Thank you for reading...keep shining.

~Michelle xo

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