Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Divine Design

After a much needed day spent with my brother, I discovered how vulnerable we can be.  We shared secrets, crazy life stories, and even swung from trees!  Needless to say, it was a real treat for me to enjoy a beautiful Summer day with family.  The last few months have been surreal and full of surprises.  Some pleasantly sweet, and a handful of unmentionable heartache.  As I have been keeping busy with rebuilding my business, I have also been mending a broken heart. Starting over is never easy, however I am comforted by God's love and divine design for my life.  

If you are reading this, then I pray that God blesses you in a way you have never known before. Whether you are going through a tough time, or feeling uncertain of yourself or which direction you may be headed, know you are loved and have a purpose.  The following quote has resonated with me, and I hope by sharing it here, it may provide at least one person with a little comfort.
“God hides great things in little things. In every young girl, God hides a great woman.  In every young boy, He hides a great man.  In a small seed, He hides a big forest!  God calls big trees out of small seeds. He prepares great monuments out of small minds. He will definitely call those wonderful things He put in you, out of you. When He begins, do not resist!" ~Israelmore Ayivor
Thank you all for reading and being a part of my journey!
All Photography by James Cardona

Shibori Siren Buttondown Shirt: Free People
Lacey Denim Cutoff Shorts: Free People
Dreamweaver Crossbody Bag by Spell, from Free People
Rococo Sunglasses: Free People
Ephesus Warrior Necklace: Child of Wild
Braided T-Strap Sandals: AEO

***A special note to my little brother...thank you for your strength and loving heart.  You are a brilliant light in my life and a real warrior. Hang in there.  You are stronger than you think. Don't give up.  Ever.  Embrace and be comforted that you were created in God's divine design.  Trust that He will reveal His purpose for you and your life.  Your big sis loves you to infinity and beyond.  
Keep shining. ~Michelle xo

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